My design statement

I have been designing gardens and landscapes for over 50 years having trained as a landscape architect. During that time, I have worked my way up and, in many ways, guided what was originally a fledgling profession creating gardens for clients as diverse as Bobby Moore in the 1970’s to more recently the Duchess of Rutland, planning the refurbished rose gardens at Belvoir Castle.


I have designed and built gardens in every continent except Antarctica, won more medals and written more books than I have a right to remember but simply love what I do. This means I design for enjoyment, both for myself and my clients who want a composition that is practical, different, inspired and perfect for them. I’m not worried if the budget is minimal or expansive, the plot tiny or huge, the real point is that it has to work for you, and it will, we’ll create it together.


I don’t specialise in any given style, a designer should be able to embrace them all, leaning both on tradition and yet always drawing on an ever-evolving art form.


I draw by hand because I feel you can more easily relate to a scheme that way. I sketch, paint, understand architecture and art, love dogs, swim, surf, rebuild houses, travel, have married, have children and grandchildren, but above all I design gardens, come and join me should you wish to share in that experience, it will be a pleasure for both of us.


Design is about sensitivity and skill, passion and integrity. A great garden is both comfortable and timeless, these are our desires and intent, and we aim to give you both. | tel: +44 (0) 7860 716699